The Mast Company
The Mast Company
Specializing in reutilization of 
U.S. Military surplus and 
commercial items

Mast Sections

Our premier product - Military surplus 4ft stackable aluminum tubing.  Great for vertical antennas, Wi-Fi antenna support masts, Field Day dipole supports, VHF/UHF vertical/yagi antenna mast, DXpedition tri-bander support masts, etc.  More info... 


Vertical Antenna Kit

Lighter-weight stackable aluminum tubing that is ideal for building thatHF  20M-60M Band vertical antenna. Sold in kit form, with 9 stackable sections (total height of 33 ft.), 2 guy ring assemblies (includes 8 quicklinks for attaching guy lines), an insulated pivoting base assembly, and 4 ground stakes to firmly hold the base.  More info...


Telescopic Fiberglass Poles

Heavy duty fiberglass telescopic poles originally designed for beach windsocks and flag/banner displays. Much stronger and stiffer than the typical long fishing poles.  Available in environmental-friendly colors of green and black. All of the poles collapse to a easily stored length of 46 inches and use a simple friction fit for locking the joints when extended.  More info...  



Separate accessories to help in your specific application of our products.  More info...

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